Saturday, October 23, 2010

Le début

Bonjour à tous.

Hello to you all.

Welcome to my new blog.

This blog was born out of a desire to makeover my original blog. I wanted it to be sillier. I wanted it to be more interactive, with posts organized by subject clouds, and reader feedback. Or, if you prefer lame metaphors, after a year of trailing my toes in the tidal pools of travel blogging I felt ready to finally take the plunge into the blogosphere!

When I actually sat down to reformat I realized that I had outgrown the spirit of my first blog, not to mention that phase in my life. Rather than completely overhaul I have opted to move on. I remember that as a new blogger I felt like I had to be apologetic for it--as if the simple act of blogging put me on the same plane as the emo xanga users from high school, and would thus subject me to the merciless judging of the often-pretentious liberal arts graduates I call friends. I am happy to announce that, no longer a novice, I no longer give a damn. This new blog reflects my new full acceptance--nay, love!--of my dorkiness. Ergo, j'adork! I also hope to use my new moniker to network with some fellow dorks and francophiles and to basically get out a bit more the community.

On that note, I would now like to take the opportunity to point out some basics and draw your attention to the "reaction" check-box feature below each post and the blank space on the right where there will be a growing handy list of posts classified by subject. In the month-long sabbatical from blogging that I took while designing this site, I received a number of discontented and emails and chats from readers lamenting their temporary inability to cyberstalk me. Now that I've returned, I invite you to share similar and future sentiments via the comment function below each blog post. If you're on gmail or blogger feel free to sign in with that account (and you can even 'follow' me to stay updated on posts via your blogger mainpage or Google reader), but if not, never fear, there's an "anonymous" option.

That's about it for now. Stay tuned for all-new, ground-breaking bloggage.

à+ (à plus, or "see ya!")

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  1. Oy! This is my second comment, the first one has disappeared. Is there a glich or was I rejected?
    Glad you are back in the land of blogging, I missed you!