Monday, May 2, 2011

b-log: hiking the high pass through the Misty Mountains

During our ski vacation, we took one morning to rest our skiboot-bruised shins and hike an hour up a hill to a lookout point where we could admire the creatively named Mont Blanc ('white mountain')--the highest peak in the Alps/all of Europe.

The trail:
The view across the valley to the skiing slopes (note the frozen-over stream of snow run-off in the foreground):
One of many ancient-looking farming buildings we passed along the way:
Getting higher...
...and higher......until we could finally make it out in the distance......and finally, there she was! Our beautiful Dame Blanche:
It was a good place to take a water break and rest before the return journey.

That's all folks. Back next time with (finally!) some warm weather-inspired posts.

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