Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cerro Christóbal

The sun and its blessed warmth have finally returned to Santiago. I learned later that the day I arrived was apparently the coldest day they've had in years, and it even left the brave Chileanos shivering. But lo! temperate winter temperatures (highs in the 60s during the day) have returned, and to celebrate, we decided to make the hour hike up the steep hill that suddenly interrupts Santiago urban space in the center of the city: Christóbal hill.
The rise in temperature meant an increase in smog. This was probably terrible for our poor lungs, who were trying to power our hiking bodies, but it made for some really interesting photo opportunities with hazy mountain silhouettes:
A view over the more commercial part of Santiago, all but engulfed in the haze:
The Virgin awaited us at the top of the hill, arms open to welcome the glow of the setting sun:
More pious pilgrims than we left candle offerings. The area below the candles was white from archived chips of melted wax.
The moon rose over the Virgin... the sun set over the valley:

Mmmmm. Photographer's heaven!

As a reward for the hike, we treated ourselves to a Chilean specialty: Mote con huesillo.
or an oatmeal-like grain covered in dried peaches in syrup. Qué delicioso!

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