Saturday, October 15, 2011


Since there were more pictures from Iquique than could fit in the Fiestas Patrias post (and not all were really patriotic, I thought I'd do a second entry with some random shots I took while out and about around town. First, a picture of the main highway by the coast and its ridiculously huge Chilean flag:
As is the case everywhere in Chile, in Iquique, there was little transitional territory between the luxury and the gritty, and a two minute walk from our upscale condo complex found me in a port area with weathered boats, a local fish market (dishing out the requisite cheap cups of ceviche from overflowing tubs as sea lions bobbed for scraps below) and this rather picturesque (I thought, at least) abandoned shopping cart:

A mural by the sea with erotic mermaids and a cute, camouflaged niño:
More of the mural. I liked the perspective that had all of its characters staring at you as you walked by.
The Iquiqueña coast line:
Surfers, who were the only ones braving the chilly early-spring waters:

Iquiqueño counter-culture, from a beach-side skatepark:


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