Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vistas del mar

Antofagasta, my city in Chile, is defined by its coast. 

Although there are beaches scattered along the inlets of the coastline, there are no natural beaches, just rocks:

Near the center, there's a pleasant paved walkway, dotted with sculptures and pedestrians. It's not really populated or touristy enough to be called a boardwalk, but in my mind it's the latinoamericano version of the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, where I once lived in France.

Certain parts of the coastline south of the city lend themselves to algae-covered tidal pools:

If you look closely, you can find all manners of anemones and starfish

Shells are in no short supply near these pools. In some places you can find a natural sort of "beach," where dunes of tiny shells take the place of sand.
North of the city is the more commercial part of the coast, with a small harbor and a fish market. Some Chilean friends brought me here on a Sunday morning, post-party, to indulge in a fresh cup of their favorite hangover remedy: ceviche! or white fish "cooked" in an acidic sauce of lemon juice, with some peppery pebre and herbs thrown in for good measure. It also comes in a more varied mariscos version, featuring all manners of raw things from shells, but after a long night of caretes (chilean slang: partying) my stomach wasn't feeling quite adventurous).
A few lomo del mar (sea lions) lurk around the fish market dock at any given moment, hoping for scraps or handouts from fisherman or doting customers.

i can haz feesh plz? kthxbai!

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