Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers' party

Fathers' Day translates into French as "la Fête des Pères" (Father's Party). In honor of the 'party' that takes place on the other side of the Atlantic today, I thought I'd share a few photos from my father's recent visit.

Dad being who he is, the sight that was first on his Must See list was...the sewers. Yup. You can bring a water treatment engineer to Paris but you can't keep him out of the sludge. When he wasn't busy recreating Jean Valjean's trek through the smelly underground network (minus Marius' limp form, of course) he spent most of his time sampling the city's wines and restaurants (a passion that apparently runs in the family). However, sewers and eating don't make for the best tourist shots, and luckily for you readers, since this was dad's first time in Paris we also spent plenty of time touring the typical tourist sights:

...the Arc de Triomphe...
...the Eiffel Tower...
...and the gilded Château de Versailles:
We had wonderfully warm spring weather while he was here, which provided optimal conditions for a picnic in the gardens (albeit rather squinty photos):
which were in full spring bloom:
Happy Père Party to mon father and all the other amazing papas out there!

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