Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mobile moments: signage and advertising

In a follow-up to yesterday's graffiti-inspired post, today's post will be dedicated to...signs!

Paris is preparing to instate an automobile-share system (similar to Vélib, the freeride bike program, but hopefully better funded and maintained ! ). Parisians willing to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee will have access to small electric cars that they can drive at will around the city. The cars themselves haven't yet appeared, but the parking spaces dedicated to them are starting to show up, and I *love* the logo:
Canal+, the French TV station that shows movies, has started a fun Métro ad campaign for their current feature films. I really enjoyed this poster for the new Alice in Wonderland (or, as they jokingly refer to it, Alice in Burtonland), which sums up my opinions of the movie: a visually captivating but confused version of a classic that ultimately loses itself as it blurs into Burton-dom (evoked here with Edward Scissorhands).
This board game store in the intellectual Sorbonne quartier has a deliciously punny name: Descartes (which evokes both the philosopher and "des cartes"--card games!)
(On a related note, I give you a horribly punny Franglais joke:
Q:Why should you never take a French philosopher to a brothel?
A: Because it's a bad idea to put Descartes ('da cart') before the whores.

Get it? Get it?)

Aaaannnyway, next up is a deliciously sensual theater poster:
This sign is either warning against electric shock, or against angering Zeus:
A poster advertising a medication for a peculiar malady that is seemingly unique to the French:
'heavy legs'
A bizarre but artistic ad for a store that is somewhere between Pier Imports and Home Depot (I think the writing said something along the lines of "got improvement projects on the brain?")
This area isn't friendly to skaters and boarders:
An old poster for an 'anti-colonialism' weekend at a jazz club. I just liked the image of the colonial hat-as-potty:
A public flower pot in the Arab district of Belleville, appropriating an iconic Parisian street sign to mark the "Tunis of Belleville," with the Arab hamza, or hand of Fatima on the adjacent panel:
This is the place for all of your depressed furnishing needs:
This Indian restaurant is for those gentleman whose tastes aren't so much bosom-oriented:
And for those who prefer king size nuts...
Hypno cat says "you are feeling sleeeeepy. You will feed me tuuuuunnnaaa..."
Meanwhile, Orangina's flavors keep getting more and more bizarre. What exactly does Geisha taste like?

Here's a library for Harry Potter's studious heroine Hermione (overlooking the extra "i" and the fact that yes, 'librarie' might actually mean bookstore in French):
And finally, a pigeon perching on a sign at Republique:

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