Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rue Dénoyez

Yesterday was the 9th annual festival of Rue Dénoyez, a bohemian, celebration-of-graffiti pedestrian street just down from métro Belleville, in the heart of the gritty and diverse 20th arrondissement. A longtime admirer of this street, I was nonetheless surprised to hear that its quartier had a day dedicated to it, and I was pleased that we chanced along at the right moment. To celebrate, we had $4.50 mojitos at one of the pop-culture découpage tables on the outdoor terrasse at Bar aux Folies. The awning sheltered us from the light rain and afforded a great view of the dynamic street...

...and of the free reggae concert (not pictured is the transsexual gyrating enthusiastically in his afro, hoop earrings and miniskirt).
All in all a great corner of alternative Paris, worthy of celebration.

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