Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mobile Moments: Celebrity Sightings!

So I was on my way to tutoring today (in the rather ritzy district around the Arc de Triomphe) when I ran into a few paparazzi and a small group of fans waiting around outside a hotel. As it turns out, Jennifer Lopez is in Paris to promote her new album, and a after about a 2 minute wait I was able to snag a cellphone photos of my first up-close encounter with a celebrity.

The first photo got an odd fisheye effect going from the motion of my hand and the many people encroaching on J-Lo's personal space:
The second shows how close I really was:

I could have been even closer, but since she was already being rushed along by some pretty serious-looking security guards I decided to let the more dedicated fans (who brought flowers in exchange for autographs and pictures with the "bomba latina") move in. One strung-out guy with a CD looked as though he had been waiting for quite some time. To her credit, though, J-Lo was a real sweetie and made a few moments for her fans even as she was quickly ushered, with her entourage, into a limo and off to her next event.

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