Friday, June 17, 2011

Mobile moments: graffiti edition

Any longtime followers of my blog will know that I'm a big fan of both street art and of taking photos with my cellphone. Without further ado, I present to you the marriage of these two loves: mobile moments-graffiti edition.

To start things off, here's a lovely piece from rue Dénoyez, the graffiti-adorned street in the 20e that I wrote about the other day. I have no interpretation to offer you for this, other than to say that it reminds me both of Blu's work (although not stop-motion animated, alas) and a character from Pan's Labyrinth:
As Mario grew older, he started to value other prizes over mushrooms and fire ball flowers (if only Princess Peach had put out...):
A signature piece by Misstic, the artist who has adorned the Buttes aux Cailles quartier near where I live, whose works almost all consist of stencil-style lettering accompanying a sensual drawing of a woman (loose translation: you make me dream to help me fall asleep):
Sarko as the Joker:
Another Buttes aux Cailles piece, artist unknown:
On a column in the Bastille metro station:
Written next to the keypad on an ATM ("down with capitalism!")
A lone ballet dancer near Gare de Lyon:
A Nike-inspired tribute to The Big Lebowski near St. Germain-des-Près
A dog, lovers and some birds-and-the-bees on a condemned-looking dilapidated building near Bercy that seems to be in the process of being reclaimed (one side now sports a small independent art gallery and a hipster café):
I upped the contrast on this one so you could see the text--in real life it didn't have quite the same scary 'REDRUM' effect ("The Bastards' Republic was born from the blood of the Communards"):
An unexpected piece of intellectualism amongst the peeling, scarred layers of a forgotten metro ad board ("palimpseste," a text written over an older text, or using the same, cleaned parchement):
An artistic cut-through over behind the Pantheon:
A wall-sized work in the 3e:
A fun junk monster sculpture in Montparnasse (that reminds me of that junk yard lady from Labyrinth):
A feminist got ahold of this H&M ad ("Here we see a woman submissive to the feminine ideal we impose on her"), although if you're looking for an example of a sexualized female form in an add, you could do much worse than a woman in fairly asexual business-casual attire:
And fun drain cover in Montmartre:
And to finish up, a form of urban art that is new to me but that has apparently been a 'thing' for a while now: yarn-bombing (on a street light one Ile de la Cité). I love it! What a cosy-looking light!

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